Klipped Support

For questions, or help about the app, please send us an email.

Support for iPad & iPhone

Support for Mac

Klipped Help for Mac OS


  • Transparent Window - Toggle semi transparent window mode.
  • Invert Colors - Toggle light/dark modes
  • Fixed Width Font - Toggle whether you want a fixed width font (useful for developers)
  • Clear Text on Exit - By default Klipped auto-saves content and it will appear the next time you launch the software. If this option is switched on, text will be cleared on exit

Popover Menu

The popover menu provides the following functions:
  • Paste - Paste into Klipped window
  • Paste Over - Paste into Klipped window, overwriting all content
  • Cut - Select all text in Klipped window and perform clipboard cut command
  • Copy - Select all text in Klipped window and perform clipboard copy command
  • Swap - Swap contents of clipboard and Klipped window
  • Clean - Convert current clipboard to plain text. This is useful when Mac OS's paste as plain text shortcut fails to strip formatting. This command replaces all Klipped window content, but you can undo afterwards.
  • Show Window - Shows Klipped window (this will fail if window is minimized)
  • Settings
    • Lights Off - Invert colors/swap to low-light mode
    • Windowless Mode - Hide window - only use Klipped's popover menu

Full Screen / Split Screen Mode

When you put the app full screen, other apps in full screen can share the screen - see https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204948

Klipped Help for iOS

For Klipped settings, please go to Settings app, then select Klipped.

The following settings are available:

  • Lights Off - Invert colors/swap to low-light mode. Swipe with two fingers to toggle in-app.
  • High Contrast - High contrast accessibility mode
  • Full screen mode - Hide the time and battery bar etc.
  • Fixed width font - Fixed width text editing (useful for developers)
  • Font size - Size of font. Pinch/reverse pinch for text zoom/out in app.

  • Auto Correct - Auto-replace words that are typed incorrectly.
  • Auto Capitalize - Capitalize sentences as you type
  • Spell Check - Spell check as you type


Your Privacy is Important To Us

Klipped app does not collect or transmit any personal information - the data you put in the app is stored within the app data store on your device.

Note: iOS users have the option to allow access to Siri for Search, Suggestions and Shortcuts, and Allow on Lock Screen. Siri may learn from and make suggestions based on how you use the app. These facilities are provided by Apple.
For more information see https://www.apple.com/privacy/approach-to-privacy/.